Real enquiries and CYAUSE response to our prospect clients

Start-up to Cyprus (UK Citizen)

I am shortly moving to cyprus  and  I have to work. Atm my business is in uk and I am hoping to continue this by making return trips to the UK.  I do also want to start up in cy as self employed. My question is  who do I pay my tax to? , do I continue to pay my tax to the UK even though I won't be residing there? Or do I include my earnings with cyprus tax  . 

Digital Nomad in Cyprus

I found a remote job at a German company that allow me to work from Cyprus. Now i'm searching and comparing consultant services to help me setup the best tax system, so that i pay the least amount of taxes on my salary. From what i already know, i can pay about 2,65% of taxes on my salary, if i stick to certain rules like being in cyprus for XXX days per year and being in other countries for XXX days per year.

Accounting services

My name is xxx. I'm looking for an accountant(+law) to work with my company on Cyprus. I already have a registered company(2 years) with an accountant firm working with me, but thinking about replacing it with somebody else. Could you please tell what is your fees for: - Nominee Services (Director, Secretary and Office address) - Final report+audit + 1 interim report - Tax certificate + yearly migration services(visitors visa) Thank you!