Cash flow services offered by CYAUSE Audit Services Ltd

Does your business always run out of money? Do you feel that whatever you do you simply cannot generate enough cash to pay your creditors and leave some cash aside? If this is the situation you are facing then most likely your cash flow poor and it has started having a negative impact to your business.

Good news! You are not the only one. This is most common issue we face to date and following our experience with several hundred businesses we have created various strategies and solutions which keep our clients on top of their finances and cash flow needs.

These proven, tailor-made solutions include the use of the simple or complex cash flow workflows created on Microsoft Excel accompanied by invoicing and debt collection software.

They are easy to use and they must be completed by the company owners or finance director at least once per week. These simple processes are so effective and cheap to run that you will thank us every time we meet.

Just drop us an email at or simply call me directly at +357 99 428543 and we will go through your cash flow needs immediately.

Needless to say, that we will also deploy the most appropriate strategy for your organisation so that your policies and procedures on tenders, offers, invoicing, debt collection, in combination with your accounting department, serve your cash flow in the best possible way.

What will the automation do for you?

  • Enable you to Raise Invoices via your mobile phone
  • Enable you to Review Receivables via your mobile phone
  • Enable you to Send Reminders via your mobile phone
  • Enable you to Run Cash Flow reports in seconds (receipts & payments)
  • Cash Flow Reports in tabular or Chart Format
  • Debt Collection Automations (including automated reminders to old debtors)