CYAUSE Audit Services Ltd, Asian Market clientele

Our membership to 3E Accounting International Network which originates in Singapore makes us the ideal partner for businesses in Asia wanting to conduct business in the European Union or to adopt the International Financial Reporting Standards of Accounting (IFRSs) for their companies. With offices literally in every country of Asia rest assure that we can facilitate any need on the spot based on the latest corporate and tax laws and regulations.

Main Reasons our Asia clients choose to incorporate Companies in Cyprus?

  • Strong Corporate Legal System (based on a case by case outcome, European Law has supremacy over the local law)
  • EU Trade is conducted effortlessly as Cyprus is a European Union member since 2004
  • Application of IFRS for all Cyprus Companies (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • Favourable Holding and Investment Structures
  • Tax Free Dividend Remuneration
  • Tax Free Disposal of Shares
  • 12.50% Corporation Tax (Lowest in the European Union)
  • Tax Free Dividend Remuneration.
  • Tax Free Disposal of Shares.
  • Cyprus companies act as directors in other companies
  • Anonymity of shareholders

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