CYAUSE Audit Services Services Ltd, services provided to individuals

In our effort to turn tax into an investment, we aim to gather all personal information of our clients and structure them in the most advantageous manner so that they minimise their tax exposure and improve their lifestyle to the extent possible. Such results are achieved with a variety of ways including:

  • First employment in the republic tax incentives
  • Taking advantage of life insurance tax allowances
  • Assessing the individuals tax status
  • Assessing and changing shareholdings and directorships in Companies, if necessary
  • Taking advantage of the Non Dom tax status, and
  • By taking advantage the latest available tax incentives

Consequently, our personal taxation services, it the outcome of a thorough review of the financial affairs of the individual, the dividend structure and their family circumstances adjusted for the optimum outcome.

Following the introduction of the "Non Domicile" status available to individuals that have not been living in Cyprus within the specified timeframes, we strive to apply this great tax benefit which classify our clients as special tax residents in Cyprus enjoying tax free dividends across the globe and getting taxed based on the Cyprus personal income tax laws.


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