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Cyprus the New Hybrid Financial Centre. What is currently happening in Cyprus?

Cyprus is emerging as a new hybrid financial centre that combines a beautiful lifestyle and tremendous benefits for individuals and corporations relocating to the Republic. Whether an individual receiving dividends or a group of companies relocating to this beautiful island in the Mediterranean, it makes sense!!!

Do not take my word for it. Just observe how this island and each city is being transformed year on year.

An Alternative Way to Find the Right Cyprus Lawyers, Auditors, Fiduciary Service Providers and Immigration Experts

Finhub is a Search Engine for Lawyers, Auditors, Fiduciary Service Providers and Immigration Experts

By using FinHub the user will spend 2 minutes to find the Right Service Provider. On the other hand the Service Provider will spend 2 minutes to register and specify the type of services, clientele and fee range of interest so that FinHub will only notify them for the Right prospects!

Cyprus Search Engine for Lawyers, Accountants and Immigration Experts? Join the Revolution!

We have exciting news!    CYAUSE Audit Services has partnered with FinHub, a sophisticated search engine which enables international investors and businesses to find local (Cyprus) Accountants, Lawyers and Immigration Experts. Cyprus is becoming a tech hub as well and CYAUSE Audit Services could not be part of it!   So what is FinHub? 

Accounting, Audit & Tax Fees Explained - CYAUSE Fees - Video

The video is extracted from our 2 day bootcamp in Cyprus where we have explained to our audience how we charge as an Audit & Assurance firm. We have explained the teams of experts involved and the various stages of our work. It is a must wath video.

Cyprus Funding Subsidies for Cyprus Companies - Financial Aid Explained (Video)

In this short video we analyse the subsidies / financial assistance Cyprus companies can enjoy. Cyprus being an EU member can offer to its local companies EU financial assistance programs as well as local funding programs; the latter are very popular as the application process is ssimple and the funds can be obtain within 6 - 12 months from applying.


An insurance broker is a Company who is acting on the best interest of the consumers and who is licensed to offer various insurance products and services by multiple insurance companies.  An insurance broker unlike an insurance agent, is not keen to represent one specific insurance company but rather assess the needs of the consumer and present to them the best product for their needs. The insurance broker has also the capacity to make comparisons between multiple insurance products and services across various insurance companies