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Setting Up the Head Quarters in Cyprus

Cyprus is an ideal destination for global corporations to set up their premises:

  • Government incentives for overseas companies such as:
    • Non-Domiciliation Rules (tax allowances for wealthy individuals)
    • Industrial & Personnel Funding Programmes
    • First Employment in the Republic Tax Allowances
    • Attractive tax system for international businesses
  • Low set up costs
  • Cheap high caliber personnel
  • Excellent dividend regime
  • Legal system based on common law & EU law
  • Easy application of substance rules

Physical Presence

  • Achieved by renting out fully flexed offices in Cyprus.
  • Office overhead costs must be paid from the companies Cyprus bank account.
  • Cypriot employees should be working at the company’s premises.

Company Formation & Administration

  • A Cyprus company should be incorporated.
  • Majority of the directors must be Cypriot Nationals.
  • Subject to annual audit at the end of each fiscal year.


  • Profits will be taxed in Cyprus at 12.5%.
  • Dividends received and paid will be tax-free.
  • Payroll taxes will be paid monthly.

International Organisations Established in Cyprus

  • Wargaming.Net (see video)
  • Hundreds of Forex and Investment Companies (see related video)
  • Hundreds of shipping companies
  • Companies which have established their Head Quarters presence in Cyprus. 

Information about Cyprus

The Island (Wikipedia)