CYAUSE Israel clients taking advantages of various local set ups

Cyprus relaxed compliance and tax environment has attracted the interest of hundreds of Israeli businessmen who travel to Cyprus several days per week to contact their businesses. With the flight lasting of less than an hour and the low set up costs for obtaining access to the entire Europe through the use of a Cyprus Company, Cyprus seems to be the old-time favourite for the business community of Israel.

Why do Israel clients choose to incorporate Companies in Cyprus?

  • Easy, convenient, effortless to conduct business
  • Flight to and from Cyprus lasts less than an hour
  • A Cyprus Company is an EU Company subject to all EU VAT and Tax Rules
  • A Cyprus Company allows the Israeli owner to Trade Freely within the Eurozone
  • Less Strict Regulatory Environment (especially for CIFs and Forex companies)
  • Eligible for the “Non – Dom” Special Tax Status*
  • Ideal Holding of Investment Vehicle
  • Tax Free Dividend Remuneration.
  • Tax Free Disposal of Shares.
  • 12.50% Corporation Tax (Lowest in the European Union).

  • Tax Free Disposal of Shares.
  • 12.50% Corporation Tax (Lowest in the European Union).
  • Cyprus companies act as directors in other companies
  • Anonymity of shareholders
  • Israel is less than hour flights away from Cyprus where English is widely spoken
  • Low Set Up Costs

Common Set Ups for Israel Interest Businesses

CIF & Forex Companies

The considerably less strict Cyprus Regulator (CySec) of Investment and Forex Companies (especially when compared to the United Kingdom and New York regulators) made Cyprus an International Hub of Forex Companies especially amongst the Israel people who enjoy the regulatory, business and tax advantage Cyprus has to offer to their Investment or Forex companies.

Holding of Investments

Over the years we have experienced extensively the usage of Cyprus companies as holding of investments or acting as parent companies of various other companies in numerous jurisdictions. The 0% Dividend Tax Paid amongst group companies (in the vast majority of cases) and the group loss reliefs available seem to be the key factors for the usage of such companies.

Acting as Directors in other Companies

In order to protect the anonymity of the directorships of multi-jurisdictional companies, some of our Israel clients use Cyprus Companies as the directors. These companies like any other Cyprus companies need to prepare accounts and audited financial statements as well as to comply with all local Tax and Registrar laws, like any other Cyprus company, even if they do not actually carry out trade. "Edit Content" from the Edit (Pencil Icon) Action Menu.

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