Cyprus is emerging as the most favoured jurisdiction in Europe to conduct International Business. It has succeeded in differentiating itself from other financial centers, with a favourable tax system based on a wide network of very beneficial double taxation treaties.

Cyprus is a member of EU from 2004 and of the Eurozone since 2008 and at the same time it offers an advantageous tax system which combines stability, consistency in interpretation of the tax legislation and more importantly low tax rates.  

In 2009 the OECD included Cyprus on its "white list" as one of only 40 countries in the world that have substantially implemented internationally agreed tax standards.

Cyprus is a respectable EU, non-offshore, non-tax heaven jurisdiction. It combines an “onshore EU identity” with “low-tax’’ advantages.

In CYAUSE Audit Services Ltd, we have teams of tax experts with profound technical knowledge and experience of taxation legislation regimes both in Cyprus and abroad, that can aid you in achieving the best possible tax strategy for your organisation. A tax strategy that minimises your tax burden while meeting all compliance requirements.

Cyprus been member of the European Union offers a different type of  been one of the most efficient tax jurisdiction offers speed and a very flexible tax structure for its International Business Companies which have the below advantages and disadvantages.


3 steps to create a cyprus company
  • 1

    Select a Name for your Company

    Find the Right Jurisdiction

  • 2

    Decide on the Composition of the Company

    Decide who the Directors, Shareholders and Registered Office will be

  • 3

    Bank Account

    Open Your Bank Account



 Complete Set Up

  • Cyprus Limited Liability Company

  • Provision of Corporate Documents and Company Stamp

  • Opening of Bank Account

  • Provision of Registered Office Address

  • Registration with local VAT & Tax

  • Nominee Services (provision of Director, Secretary and Registered Office)



  Partial Set Up

  • Cyprus Limited Liability Company

  • Provision of Corporate Documents and Company Stamp

  • Opening of Bank Account

  • Registration with local VAT & Tax



 Company Creation

  • Cyprus Limited Liability Company

  • Provision of Corporate Documents and Company Stamp



  • Tax Free Dividends to International shareholders (non-Cyprus Tax Residents)
  • Strong Judicial System under the EU Supreme Court
  • Fiduciary services offering anonymity
  • No banking issues within or outside the EU
  • English is the official language
  • More than 60 double tax treaties
  • 12.5% Corporation Tax
  • 19% VAT 
  • Audited accounts and company tax submissions must be prepared
  • Participating jurisdiction in the exchange of information with numerous countries 
  • Public record of director, company secretary and shareholder
  • Share capital; Minimum 1,000 shares of Euro 1 each, unlimited maximum. Ordinary shares and preference shares with or without voting rights, redeemable or not
  • Shareholder can be the same person as a director and company secretary, physical or legal person anywhere in the world but to be considered as Cyprus Tax resident the company must be managed and control by majority of Cyprus tax residents.
  • Ideal for Holding of Investments, Asset Protection, Dividend Company and EU Trading Vehicle
  • All Cyprus companies require a local registered office in Cyprus
  • All Cyprus companies must have a director, a shareholder and a company secretary
  • Companies Act 1987
Incorporation Pack
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Shareholders, Directors, Company Secretary, Registered Office
  • Tax Identification Number
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Back Office Support

CYAUSE Audit Services back office dedicated team will be assisting your needs on a daily basis ensuring that all filing and legal requirements are being met and communicated to you on a timely manner. 

Typically, our back-office team will be providing you with the below service:

  • Correspondence with bank
  • Communication with local authorities such as with the Income Tax Office and the Cyprus Registrar of Companies
  • Liaison with accountants, auditors, lawyers and other professionals
  • Any other assistance that the client may need.