Funding Programmes for businesses
corporate subsidies for all company sizes

Our team of advisors specialises in assisting companies and businesses getting access to various funding programmes available. There are two main categories of such programmes:

  • EU funding programmes
  • Local, Cyprus funding programmes

Both categories offer a great opportunity to push businesses through:

  • Obtaining capital 
  • Obtaining subsidies for personnel costs
  • Obtaining subsidies for the acquisition of industrial equipment

The Process:

The process of getting access to these programmes is fairly standardised as illustrated below:

a) Express interest to our team of professionals

b) We Examine the available funding options at the time (funding solutions both EU and local, vary from time to time)

c) We ensure you can apply for such solutions*

d) We undertake the entire process and prepare what is considered necessary for each programme

e) We liaise with the various stakeholders and your businesses for query or documentation submission through out the process

f) We obtain the funding solution on your behalf

Our Fees:

Our fees are predetermined in advance and paid in pre-defined intervals so that we get compensated for the work we perform.

Usually for EU programmes we have a fixed fee and a success fee once we obtain the funding whilst for simpler, local programmes we have a pre-agreed fee which is paid in advance.

Not all companies are eligible for such programmes:

Each application has different requirements, nevertheless we list below the most common requirements sought by the majority of the programmes:

  • Financial statements must be up to date
  • Taxes must be dully paid
  • Clean criminal records by the owners and management of the company
  • Business plans must be prepared
  • There is a fair amount of paperwork involved
  • Some programmes are not available for start ups or small companies whilst others are specifically created for them