Cyprus Capital Gains Tax for the disposal of immovable property in Cyprus

Capital Gains Cyprus Flag

Selling Price
Acquisition Cost
Lifetime Exemption
Stamp Duty Paid
Licensed Estate Agents Fees
Legal Fees in Relation to Sale
Accepted Capital Additional and Improvements
Loan Interest in Relation to Acquisition

Taxable Profit / Capital Gain
Capital Gain Taxed at 20%


The above calculations do not consider Indexation allowances which increase the cost of the asset and consequently reduce the Capital Gains Tax. These indexation allowances depend on the acquisition date of the asset and are available by the Cyprus Income Tax Office.

Capital Gains Tax applies to disposal of immovable properties in the Republic of Cyprus and to the disposal of shares of properties which own immovable property in the Republic of Cyprus (except if the shares are listed in recognisable stock exchange). 

Capital Gains Tax which is a Cyprus tax does not apply for the disposal of immovable properties outside Cyprus.