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Being an international tax centre Cyprus accommodates hundreds of thousands of Companies which enjoy tax free dividends, low local taxes and maximum returns to its shareholders. We can facilitate the creation of any international Company anywhere in the world really fast through our extensive networks with Accace and 3E. Let our team of tax experts assist you by identifying the right tax jurisdiction, the appropriate Company type and lastly the most suitable bank for your needs.


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There are many ways to optimise your tax strategy. Whether a stand alone business, a group or a high net worth individual (HNWI) we have the necessary tools to ensure that your tax is optimised in the best possible way. We offer a comprehensive and structured approach to assess your needs and recommend incorporation onshore or offshore to reduce corporation tax and bring dividend taxes to a minimum. For established group structures this is usually achieved through the use of holding companies whilst for stand alone, independent companies this may achieved by forming International Business Companies in "tax heavens" such as the Belize, the Cayman Islands or Seychelles to mention a few.

High Net Worth Individuals can take advantage of special tax regimes offered by countries which enable the individual to receive worldwide dividends entirely tax free. Since one size does not fit all needs, there is a sophisticated process and consultation by our tax experts in deciding the best solution to your needs. Therefore whether we are seeking tax optimisation strategy or asset protection the following areas must be decided in reaching an optimum solution:

  • Suitable tax jurisdiction
  • Suitable entity / vehicle
  • Commercial terms
  • Banking restrictions
  • Filing requirements
  • Set up costs
  • Maintenance costs