Redomiciliation Services

Access the EU

Obtain access to Europe through Cyprus permanent citizenship or residency which can be obtained through direct investment.

Business reasons

  • Lowest Corporation Tax in Europe
  • Favorable double tax treaties with several countries
  • Favorable company holding structures
  • Excellent location for business as Cyprus is considered one of the most important financial centers in Europe
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Personal Advantages

Living in Cyprus, it is safe, beautiful, relaxed and easy. Amongst other Cyprus has to offer the following: 

  • Strategic location with modern infrastructure 
  • Outstanding medical system at low charge
  • One of the best educational systems in Europe
  • Children of Cyprus permanent residence holders will be able to apply to European Universities with lower tuition fees
  • Cyprus permanent residence holders can travel to Hong Kong and Macao without any limit constraints
  • Low taxes (personal and company)
  • Freehold properties
  • Lowest property taxes in the world not exceeding Euro 100 per property.
  • No inheritance tax


Obtain a Cyprus Passport


Obtain a Cypriot Residency

Meet the experts

We are in a position to obtain for you Cyprus Citizenship or Residency through our affiliate company Tutis Advisory Services Ltd.