Intellectual Property

We provide a wide range of services on Intellectual Property including the registration of trademarks, the validation of European Patents in Cyprus, registration and protection of industrial designs,  the protection of copyrights and the registration of domain names.




A trademark may be comprised of names, words, logos, symbols, numbers, designs, images, the shape of goods, colors, sounds and smells, or the combination of a number of these elements that create a sign.


Community Trademarks (CTM)


We undertake the registration of community trademarks through the Office for the Harmonization of the Internal Market.


International Trademarks


The proprietor of a Registered national trademark in Cyprus can apply for its registration to all country members of the Madrid Union since Cyprus is a member of both the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol.


Patents in Cyprus


We represent proprietors for the registration of national, European or International patents and we take over the validation of granted European patents in Cyprus.


Industrial Designs


Industrial Designs are considered to be objects with aesthetic properties that can be used in Industry.


Exclusive Rights


Only citizens in the Republic of Cyprus or in a Country Member State of the European Union, or with a place of business in Cyprus or in EU are entitled to apply for the registration of an Industrial Design in Cyprus.




Copyright is the statutory right to prevent others from copying or exploiting original work, i.e. artistic and literary work, music recordings, broadcasts, computer software etc., without obtaining first via license the permission from the proprietor of such rights.