Our locations


CYAUSE Audit Services Ltd is located in Nicosia, the capital of the Republic of Cyprus, adjacent to the Central Bank of Cyprus. Our offices can be found at the below address:


Eleftheroupoleos 1, 

Kennedy Towers, Office 1, 1076,

Nicosia, Cyprus


Email: info@cyprusaccountants.com.cy 

Tel:    Removed due to job vacancy advertisement

Fax:   + 357 22 333876


To contact directly the director of the Company please e-mail Mr. Tramountanellis at kt@cyprusaccountants.com.cy

The location of our business partners & associates

We have a global network of business partners and associates from countries such as: 

  • the United States of America
  • the United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • the Republic of China

As a result, we are in a position to provide a comprehensive response to any business enquiry you may have anywhere in the world.


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