Cyprus Indirect Taxes

VAT and other indirect taxes affect significantly the cash cycle of your business. VAT is paid on purchases and expenses incurred, to be recovered later by the authorities and VAT is charged on sales to be paid later to the authorities. It is evident that the timing of these two very important elements affect significantly the liquidity and profitability of your company.


Careful VAT planning, to optimise VAT recovered (especially for partially exempted business) can be crucial on the profitability of your business. VAT although a not often ‘visible’ tax can have a significant impact on the cash flow, risk exposure and ultimately absolute costs incurred by your business.


In CYAUSE Audit Services Ltd, we assist our clients in identifying risk areas and planning opportunities for indirect taxes. Our mission is to proactively address new developments and requirements in a constantly evolving and dynamic VAT world.


Our VAT tax services include:


  VAT planning and advisory services:

  • VAT investigation assistance
  • Efficient VAT Recovery
  • Mitigating VAT costs
  • Managing risks on importing/exporting.


  VAT compliance:

  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Negotiation with the VAT authorities
  • Refund requests


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