Company Owners

Tax Free Expenditure 

  • Donations to approved charities (with receipts)
  • Employer’s contributions to social insurance and approved funds on employees’ salaries
  • Expenditure incurred for the acquisition of shares in an innovative business (new measure)
  • Overseas permanent establishment profits abroad under certain conditions
  • Telephone expenditure (landline and mobile) incurred for business use
  • Commercial vehicles expenditure and their repairs
  • Entertainment expenses

The lower of €17.086 or 1% of the gross income of the business.


  • Employees

Payments to employees for which social insurances have not been paid are not allowable for tax purposes.


  • Casual Labour

Is always scrutinized by the Income Tax Office.


  • Collection of Expense Invoices

Expense invoices incurred for business purposes reduce your Corporation Tax payable.


  • Deemed Dividend Tax

Don’t forget that at the year-end profitable companies have to pay corporation tax & deemed dividend tax.


  • Bad Debts

VAT paid on bad debts can be recovered


  • Netting Off Taxes

Don’t forget that you can net off VAT obligations and Corporation Tax refundable against each other and vice versa. 


  • Directors of Company

Are personally liable to the VAT authorities for any VAT discrepancies of the company.