Audit & Assurance

In a financial world that is constantly evolving and new, complex regulatory requirements increasingly surface into the financial reporting arena the need for financial transparency has never been greater. Where auditing and assurance was once an annual obligation imposed by the authorities, it is now an opportunity for all companies to obtain an independent financial evaluation which will ultimately aid in the long-term viability and profitability of the company.


With our expertise and experience, we aim in excelling in our audit and assurance services, going beyond the regulatory annual audit and looking at the broader picture giving assurance and ultimately independent advice to every single one of our clients.


We look beyond the numbers and review your systems and operations to ensure that they are operating effectively in a controlled environment. Through careful examination of the transaction cycles that make up your business, we are able to obtain key knowledge of the structure, markets, risks and opportunities that surround your business and ultimately provide you with useful information and advice.  


Our audit methodology is adapted to suit the size and nature of your organisation. We always operate with a focus on the specific client needs, and we draw upon our international industry knowledge and experience to offer the best available services. Believing that this quality of service can only be achieved through close cooperation we aim in achieving strong, long-term relationship with our clients.


Our network and affiliate group includes fully licensed firms of auditors. We are therefore able to undertake all types of audit engagements, including:

  • Statutory audit of Annual Financial Statements and submission to the authorities;
  • Internal Audit engagements, assessing the internal controls system of a business using a risk assessment and mitigation methodology;
  • Specific purpose audit engagements;
  • Other Investigations.


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