International Business

Cyprus is emerging as the most favoured jurisdiction in Europe to conduct international business. It has succeeded in differentiating itself from other financial centres, with a favourable tax system based on a wide network of very beneficial double taxation treaties. Cyprus is a member of EU from 2004 and of the Eurozone since 2008 and at the same time it offers an advantageous tax system which combines stability, consistency in interpretation of the tax legislation and more importantly low tax rates.  


In 2009 the OECD included Cyprus on its "white list" as one of only 40 countries in the world that have substantially implemented internationally agreed tax standards.

Cyprus is a respectable EU, non-offshore, non-tax haven jurisdiction. It combines an “onshore EU identity” with “low-tax’’ advantages.

Cyprus Tax Planing and Cyprus Tax Incentives for Companies.


In CYAUSE Audit Services Ltd, we have teams of tax experts with profound technical knowledge and experience of taxation legislation regimes both in Cyprus and abroad, that can aid you in achieving the best possible tax strategy for your organisation. A tax strategy that minimises your tax burden while meeting all compliance requirements.


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