ForeX for Dummies

So how does it work?



Step.1 Traders log into the Forex Website


Step.2 They deposit money through the Forex website and gain access to the platform


Step.3 They trade from the platform


Step.4 Exit the platform and request their funds to be transferred back to the indicated bank accounts (Step. 2)



Initial Set Up


Step.1 Connect Website with Banks and APMs


Step.2. Connect Website with Trading Platform


Step.3. Connect Trading Platform with Bridge


Step.4 Connect Liquidity Providers to Bridge


Step.5. Transfer funds from APMs, Local Banks to LPs accordingly.



Illustration of a CIF / ForeX Set Up
We illustrate in a very simple manner how a CIF / ForeX company is been operationally set up
2016 CIF_Forex Initial Set Up_Illustrate
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