Cyprus ForeX Industry

Over last decade, Cyprus became an international hub for the Forex Industry. Being a truly global financial centre, Cyprus provides the perfect infrastructure at a very low cost for Forex Companies. At present there are more than 200 active Forex Companies registered in Cyprus which enjoy Cyprus favourable operating environment.



Why is Cyprus Ideal for Forex Companies?

  • Low Corporation Tax rate
  • Relatively less strict regulations by CySec (the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • High calibre staff at very competitive rates
  • Low set up costs  compared to other juristictions (including cheap office space and low overheads)
  • Easy connections with the rest of the world
  • Tax advantages for Cyprus Companies
  • And many more



Challenges facing Forex Companies

  • Difficulty in calculating clients funds
  • Difficulty in calculating mark up fees
  • Issues with setting up liquidity providers and bridge connections
  • Trades not always carried through
  • Cumbersome expenses piling up exponentially
  • Unexpected charges and financing costs up by various liquidity providers



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