Incorporation of a Cyprus Company

The Cyprus limited Company is a vehicle used extensively across the globe as it is frequently used in various tax multi jurisdictional structures.


The main benefits of the Cyprus limited Company are primarily its many tax advantages and legal protection offered to the composition of the Company shareholders.


Incorporation Period: 1 day - 1 month.



  • Selection of Company Name
  • Selection of Company director, secretary, register office and shareholders
  • Selection of Share Capital
  • Amendments to the Articles 


Composition of Cyprus Limited Company:

  • Share Capital: Authorized & Issued - Minimum 1,000 shares of €1.00 each
  • Shareholders: At least 1 shareholder is required
  • Directors: At least 1 director is required
  • Secretary: At least 1 director is required
  • Registered Office: At least 1 director is required


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Filing Requirements of a Cyprus Company

CYAUSE_Filing Obligations_Company 2017.p
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Opening of a Cyprus Bank Account

CYAUSE New Bank Account_Info Needed 2016
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Διαδικασία Ίδρυσης Κυπριακής Εταιρείας

Διαδικασία Ίδρυσης Εταιρείας.pdf
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Διαδικασία Συντήρησης Κυπριακής Εταιρείας

Διαδικασία Συντήρησης Κυπριακής Εταιρ
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Κοστολόγησης Κυπριακής Εταιρείας

Κοστολόγησης Κυπριακής Εταιρείας.pdf
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