We Need Your Help to Make Our Tax App "Cyprus Audit & Tax" Even Better!!!

Tell Us Your Ideas to Make it Better!!!

Hi everyone,


We are in the process of Updating our Tax Mobile App "Cyprus Audit & Tax" with the below New Features. 


Please let us know if there is anything more we should include in the upgrade that would add value to your experience.


If you are not using it already you are missing out so do download it from the App Store or Google Play by typing "Cyprus Audit & Tax" for free!!!




Additional Features to be Released in the Upgrade During June 2017:


- New Calculators


a) Gross Net Salary Calculation

b) Social Insurance 

c) Capital Gains Calculator

d) Dividend Income 


Property Calculators


a) Immovable Property Tax

b) Transfer Fees

c) Stamp Duty

d) Acquisition Costs (when purchasing immovable property)


- Videos


a) We will include educational videos (explaining taxes etc) made by our firm and videos promoting Cyprus as a Business Center


- Tax Tips


Being the favorite section we will include Additional New Tax Tips for everyone.


- On Line Quotation


Our new clients will be inserting few details of their paperwork in the app and we will provide them with a quotation instantly via email.


- Funding Programs


We will include an icon at the front of the page so that the user gains instant access to available funding programs.


- Add Photo & Video Material


We will add photo and video material of our firm so that the app gets more colorful (some clients told me the app looks dull so we will try to make it look better).


Please Add Your Thoughts - We are running short of ideas!!!!


Thank you for your time.